Wheel Items Bundle (Front)

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Crown Wheel Items Bundle (Front) is the right choice of quality rim, spokes & wheel drum at the most cheapest price.

Buy Wheel Items Bundle (Front) online from Crowneshop with the most affordable rates and one window motorcycle spare parts and accessories shopping in Pakistan.

What’s included in the Wheel Items Bundle (Front):

  • 1x Rim 2.50-17
  • 1x Spokes 2.50-17
  • 1x Front Wheel Drum
  • For 70CC Motorcycles

Key Features of Wheel Items Bundle (Front):

  • Impact resistant aluminum alloy material
  • Shock absorbing drum bush
  • Gasoline resistant NBR oil seal
  • CRLF genuine bearing 6202, 6302
  • Rims are made from Tri-Nickle Technology which enhances rust protection
  • Aligned rim provides steady movement
  • Internal knurling for better tyre grip

General Advice:

  • Keep your motorcycle free from dust and dirt. Ideally wash your motorcycle with clean water and do not use sea/salt water which might create chances of degradation and rust.
  • Always inspect your motorcycle thoroughly to check its health in order to reduce the element of depreciation.
  • In case of defective product, you may file a proper complaint in our claim section with evidence to show the cause and impact of defect.
  • The company has the right to honor the claim based on inspection from the company member.
  • Bundle offers are limited time offers which can be terminated without any prior notice.
  • The company offers a warranty of 6 months on its select products.
  • Tyres are the only component of a motorcycle which is in contact with the road.
  • Safety in acceleration, braking, steering, all depends on a relative surface area of road contact. It is therefore very important that tyres should be maintained in good condition at all times.
  • Choosing the right diagonal (Cross Ply) tyre is highly recommended that tyres be fitted in matched pairs (Front and Rear) ideally by same company, for instance CROWN tyres, for optimum performance.
  • The correct tyre inflation pressure is vitally Important for safe handling of your motorcycle. Prolonged under-Inflation causes excessive flexing, deterioration of the casing and rapid wear of the tread shoulders/edges. Your Motorcycle may also consume MORE FUEL.
  • Over-Inflation may result in an uncomfortable ride, reduced area of contact with the road and an accelerated wear on the tread center.
  • Inflation pressure should be checked once a week when the tyre is cold.